Monday, June 9, 2008

Measure Up Monday - Week 10

Yeah, I know. I forgot Joke Friday again. Deal with it.

We left Wednesday night last week, and enjoyed a few days away at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennesee. While there, I indulged in some good food and drink, and even some guilty pleasures I have been denying myself lately, like jelly beans and twizzlers. I did at least try to be sensible, and avoid over indulgence. But then we came home to a pizza and birthday cake celebration. So this morning, I fully expected to see a weight gain on the scale. I was surprised to see that I "broke even", with no loss, but no gain either.

We have one of those digital readout scales that reports your weight in 10ths of a pound, but I don't really trust its accuracy at the 0.1 pound level. I can get on and off the scale multiple times and get a different fractional amount each time. I could go for the best 2 out of 3, or 4 out of 7, depending on how many trials it takes to get the reading I want. :) So I don't report the scale's fractional reading. Instead of rounding, which would be subject to the 'retry until you can round in the direction you want' problem, I adopted a policy of truncating the fractional amount. That means whether I'm 222.8 or 222.1 I still report it as 222. The point of all this is that while I showed no loss this week, I was really, really close to being able to claim a 1 pound drop.

DateWeightGain/LossUpper WaistLower Waist
5/12/08226 046.542.0
5/19/08222 -445.541.5
5/26/08220 -245.041.5
6/02/08219 -144.541.5
6/09/08219 044.541.5

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