Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today we drove to Salzberg Austria, the birhtplace of W. A. Mozart. We bought a Salzberg guide book, and took ourselves on a self guided tour. Besides being Mozart's home, and the setting for much of "The Sound of Music", we found that Salzberg is a town full of churches. There are 14 catholic churches on the map in Salzberg, and we visited 6 of them.

A church

Another church

There is also an ancient fortress, the Festung Hohensalzburg rising above the city. The fortress dates to the 9th century. We toured the fortress and were treated to some nice views of the city below.

Fortress above Salzberg

View from fortress

We stopped for lunch at a popular restaurant near St Peter's church, and ate in a pleasant open courtyard.

Lunch at St. Peters Restaurant

One of the sights we had on our agenda was a fountain called the Rezidenzbrunnen, but unfortunately there was some kind of festival taking place in Salzberg, and the fountain was surrounded by food vendor's tents. We did see some other nice sights though.

Rezidenzbrunnen with vendor tents

Other interesting site :)

Janet leaves for home tomorrow morning. It was a brief stay, but we took in a lot.

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karen said...

It's been fun watching your journey unfold. Lots of great pics, interesting and amusing narration. Too bad it's already Monday!