Monday, June 23, 2008


(Measure Up Monday Phase 2 Week 1)

I'm off on a trip to Munich. My plane left Sunday evening, and didn't arrive here until Monday afternoon, so I'm posting Sunday morning's weight for today. I didn't take tape measurments, but I'm at 216, which is 3 pounds down from last Monday, and 1 pound under the target I had set and reached on 6/12. The Lose Weight by Blogging plan still seems to be working.

My flight here to Munich had ups and downs. The downside was that I was delayed for 2 hours leaving O'Hare. Fortunately, I had booked a direct flight to Munich, so I didn't have to worry about missing a connection. When we finally boarded, I made my way to my seat, only to find a lady sitting in it, talking on her cellphone. I was worried that she had settled in the window seat instead of the aisle, and I was going to have to make a stink about wanting the window, when she realized she was in 9A instead of 8A. I said, "No problem, I'll just sit in 8A", and started putting my carryon away when the flight attendant came up and said "Mr Hamilton?, We're moving you up to 1F." Cool! First Class, and a window seat to boot! (often those complimentary upgrades are the untaken center aisle seats) The first class seats were not the fancy lie-flat seats that some international flights have, but were essentially the same style seat as in business, with a little more room, and a notch higher level of service. (the flight purser introduces himself, shakes your hand, and offers you a drink) After take-off, I had a nice meal, a couple of glasses of wine, and read for a while. Then decided to see if I could get some sleep. The wine must have helped, because I managed to sleep through most of the flight. I woke up when they were serving breakfast.

I'll be here in Munich for 2 weeks, and I'll try to post some comments about my trip from time to time, so check back occasionally if you're interested.

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