Monday, September 29, 2014

Falcons, Dogs, and Crosses

Name three Maltese things.

I haven't added any posts here for over 2 months. Coincidentally, it's been over 2 months since I've traveled anywhere. While this isn't only a travel blog, I tend to post most often when I have some travel planned. Such is the current case as I am 16 days away from my next travel adventure. I'm hoping the air traffic snarls caused by the recent Chicago control center sabotage will be smoothed out by the time we leave.

This time we are following Danny to the tiny island state of Malta where he will participate in the Rolex Middle Sea Race. We will stay in the city of Valletta and take in some sights while he competes in the 606 mile yacht race beginning and ending in Malta and circling Sicily. I expect to post some updates while I'm there. We will again make use of the international cellular data package that I tested during our last international trip.

In other news, I'm still working at getting to my goal weight. I made some good progress up to the middle of June, finally getting back to my pre-sabbatical weight, but slacked off when we went to California with Kyle, and didn't get serious again until a couple of weeks ago. I've set a target to reach my goal weight before Thanksgiving. It's doable if I don't go too crazy in Malta, and get right back to business when I return. In a related story, I've decided to wean myself from the Isagenix program. Although it has successfully helped me lose weight, I always intended to use it to kickstart my weight loss program, eventually switching to a more conventional calorie management system. I plan to continue following the Isagenix pattern of intermittent fasting that I believe accounts for the success of the program. The biggest downside is the lost convenience of having most of my meals already planned. I've seen positive results the past 2 weeks while experimenting with non Isagenix meals. We'll see how well I did November 27th.