Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Data Roaming

I had considered renting an international MiFi device for our recent Hong Kong trip, but decided against it after calculating the actual data usage cost. Instead, I added an international data package to one of our phones. Not knowing what our actual data usage would be, I selected the 300 MB plan for $60. We used data roaming judiciously, switching to WiFi at the hotel or in the airline lounge. We shared the connection via the iPhone's personal hotspot and mainly used it for Facebook, email, and some web browsing. It turns out we averaged less than 30 MB per day, using a little less than 54 of the 300 MB available. We could have easily gotten by on the 120 MB plan. I have a significantly longer trip planned this fall, but it seems like the 300 MB plan should be more than adequate.

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