Sunday, June 22, 2014

California With Kyle

Day one actually began Friday evening. Ginette dropped us off at the airport where we smoothly cleared security and headed to the United club to wait for our 8:45 flight. Kyle seemed to enjoy the snacks and beverages, but mostly the free WiFi. Boarding for our flight was delayed a little, and take off was also slightly delayed so we didn't get into the air until about 45 minutes after our scheduled departure. We knew this was a late and long flight so we used miles to treat Kyle (and ourselves;) to some extra first class comfort.

After arriving at SFO we collected our bags and the rental car and found our way to the hotel by about 1 AM pacific time. We were a bit hungry so in recognition of pizza Friday tradition we had one delivered to the hotel room. With full stomachs and weary heads we quickly crashed to sleep.

Saturday began with breakfast in the hotel restaurant where we could watch planes land and take off while we ate. After checking out of the hotel we drove across the Golden Gate bridge and stopped at Vista Point for some nice views and pictures of the bridge. We walked across the bridge to the halfway point and then back. Next we drove up into the Marin Headlands where we got some nice views of the bridge and bay from a high scenic overlook. We continued on all the way to the Point Bonita lighthouse before returning to Highway 101.

We proceeded up 101 to the Muir Woods National Monument where it was a challenge to find a parking place but we were fortunate to get a good spot as someone pulled out to leave. The hike through Muir Woods is peaceful and awe inspiring. The trees are so tall they seem too lean into each other when you look straight up to the tops. Besides the trees we encountered some interesting wildlife including an owl and a California slug.

We drove back to San Francisco crossing the Golden Gate bridge again and checked into our hotel in the Fisherman's Wharf area. There was time to walk to the nearby Ghirardelli Square and sample some free chocolate before finishing up our day with dinner at an area Mexican restaurant.

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