Monday, June 9, 2014

Step Stats

I amped it up a little this week and managed to complete 68834 steps in my Walking Challenge. Last week I walked 58253 which put me at 29th place out of 72 participants and helped my team place 3rd out of 15 with 299,206 steps for the week. The top team walked 498,462 steps and is obviously training for a marathon. The bottom team totaled 191,481 steps.

I was surprised to discover that even on days I don't go for a walk I still log 3 - 5 thousand steps. Even my most sedentary days are still around 2000 steps. I'm tracking my steps using an iPhone app called 'Steps'. It uses the M7 coprocessor in the iPhone 5s to count my steps anytime I'm carrying my phone and seems pretty accurate.

I've got a trip coming up where I expect to be doing a lot of sightseeing. I'm curious to see how much walking I actually do while travelling.

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