Friday, June 27, 2014

Surf's Up

We took a break from sightseeing Thursday and decided to just enjoy some relaxation at the Marriott Pier South resort hotel. We started the day with a nice outdoor breakfast with views of the ocean and the relaxing sound of waves. Later on we signed Kyle up for some surfing lessons. Starting with some classroom instruction on the beach and quickly moving into the water, Kyle stood up on his first wave. He had quite a few good rides all the way in to the beach and a couple of gnarly wipeouts. After the lesson was over, Kyle was allowed to keep the board and wetsuit until he was tired of practicing on his own. We set up some beach chairs and a sun umbrella to relax and watch. When Kyle finally ran out of surfing energy we all retired to the pool deck where Kyle enjoyed the heated pool and we enjoyed some chilled drinks.

Breakfast Al Fresco
Surfing safety school
Shootin' the curl
Falling with style
Chill time

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