Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ships Ahoy

Friday we left our Imperial Beach resort hotel for Los Angeles. On the way we stopped and toured the USS Midway aircraft carrier in San Diego. It was an interesting tour. We got to go all over the ship with a self guided audio tour and saw how the sailors and aviators lived and worked on the ship. The most interesting part was going out on the flight deck where planes once actually landed and took off, and up into the control tower where the entire operation was commanded.

USS Midway
Flight Deck and Control Tower
When we finished our tour we drove to La Jolla to get a look at the famous surfing beach there. We saw a few surfers but mostly a crowded but beautiful soft sand beach. We didn't stay long because we still had a couple of hours to drive to LA. After getting checked in we finished the day with dinner at an Olive Garden.
La Jolla beach
La Jolla Surfer

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