Monday, June 16, 2008

Measure Up Monday - Phase II

Thursday last week I hit a weight of 217 pounds, the 20 pound loss I declared as a target back on March 31st. This weekend I rested on those laurels a bit too much, and my weight crept back up as I enjoyed extra pizza on Friday, margaritas and delicious catering at Saturday's graduation party, and BBQ chicken with potent pina coladas on Father's day. But no matter, I know I can get back on track.

Losing 20 pounds has made a big difference in how I feel, and how my clothes fit. I don't have to stretch my shirts before buttoning the middle buttons any more. And if you can imagine having a 20# bag of kitty litter, or 18# sack of charcoal strapped to your belly 24/7, and then finally taking it off, you'll have an idea of how much better it feels.

But I'm not stopping here. I'm still overweight by any standard, so I'm setting a new target. While taking off 20 pounds isn't easy for anyone, those were the easy pounds. Continuing to lose is going to be harder and slower. So, I'm setting my new goal a little farther out. My next target is to get under 200 pounds. I don't think I've been under 200 in 8 years, since the summer of 2000 when I last got serious about getting fit. September 23rd has always been a significant date for Janet and me, so I'm going to use that as my target date. Based on this morning's weight, that's 20 pounds in 14 weeks, or about 1.5 pounds a week, which I think is a reasonable pace.

I'll keep posting the weekly updates because I think the Monday morning weigh and tell helps me avoid slipping back on the weekend.

DateWeightGain/LossUpper WaistLower Waist

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