Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Munich Report

Today was my first day of working here in Munich. I arrived around 11:30 AM yesterday, but it was about 2:30 by the time I actually arrived at the McDonald's Germany offices. After introductions and a tour of their facility, I left there for my hotel. The hotel is a Holiday Inn, situated on a shady tree lined street near a residential area. I went out for a walk yesterday evening, and found a chinese restaurant not far away where I had dinner. I haven't quite adjusted to the jet lag yet. I got to bed around 11:30pm, but slept restlessly, and woke up at 4:30am unable to go back to sleep. Hopefully tonight I'll start adjusting to MitteleuroƤische Sommerzeit (Central Europe Daylight Time).

The weather is very pleasant here, so this morning I decided to walk to the McD office. It is only about 0.8 miles from the hotel, about the same as walking from Gram's to the little league field. It was beautiful walking back to the hotel as well, but I carried an umbrella just in case.

The MCD offices are nice. There is a McDonald's restaurant right next door, but they also have a cafeteria where employees can buy a discounted hot lunch. We ate there today, and I think it was only about 2.5€. The I/T guy I'm working with said he's been going there for 2 weeks, and the entree has been different every time.

We got a lot accomplished today. Tomorrow we'll be running a trial upgrade on the lab system. How that goes will be an indicator of how the real thing will be in the restaurant next week. Stand by for a new Munich Report in a day or two.

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