Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kirchheim bei München

Monday I moved to a different hotel in Kirchheim. It is closer to the restaurant where I will be working most of this week, but farther from the office where I still have a couple of days to work. It takes about 3 times as long to drive as it did to walk from my other hotel. The Eschenhof hotel is a quaint European style hotel. It is not very big, and neither are the rooms. At 8pm the desk clerk goes home for the night so you'd better be checked in by then.

The Eschenhof Hotel
Yep, the whole thing fits in one picture.

Being a European style hotel, it includes a morning breakfast that consists of cereals, breads, yogurt, fruit, and some sliced cold cuts.

Breakfast dining room

Breakfast at the Eschenhof

It also means that you wont find some of the amenities that American travelers are used to, like bottles of shampoo, cream rinse, and mouthwash in the bathroom.

Or soap.

Or washcloths.

Or air conditioning.

Or screens on the windows that you try to open because there's no air conditioning.

There is free wireless internet access, but the signal is so weak, I could well be leeching off some poor guy's home network. My last trip to Munich I stayed at another hotel in this area. At that time I didn't notice whether it had air conditioning since it was late October, and I was more interested in the heat. However, I stopped by that hotel today, and found out they do not have air conditioned guest rooms either, so I guess I'll be staying where I am. It's only 4 more nights, and one of those I'll be in the (air conditioned) restaurant all night, so I think I'll survive. Fortunately, I prefer warmer room temperatures.

We are on schedule to upgrade Wednesday night, so I don't forsee any delay in my return Saturday. I'm looking forward to coming home.


Karen said...

Awww, but it's so cute...so what if you're stinky and sweaty!

Mary said...

Don't you just love the "no washcloths" and salami for breakfast. You have to get pretty ingeniuos with your towel huh.