Saturday, July 19, 2008

How're They Doin'?

Not too badly. The first picture below shows the position of the Cyclone relative to the entire race. You can see they have a long way to go. The second picture is zoomed in, and shows the Cyclone in relation to several of the boats they are competing directly with. (Click on the pictures for a larger, clearer view)

According to Danny, MadCap and Windrunner are 2 boats that should be faster and therefore ahead of them. You can see that Windrunner is ahead, but Madcap actually appears to be behind.

Foray and Celerity are 2 boats rated very much the same as Cyclone. They should all be equal at this point. Foray is about equal with Cyclone, but Celerity is behind, near Madcap.

Finally, Drumbeat and Sociable are 2 boats rated slower than Cyclone. They should be behind. Drumbeat seems slightly behind, and Sociable is being anything but. He seems to have elected to head east while everyone else seems headed mostly north.

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