Thursday, July 3, 2008

Counting Down

It's Thursday morning here. Last night we did the software upgrade at the Kirchheim restaurant. I arrived there around midnight, but we didn't get started until about 2am because the store stays open until 1am, and then they must complete their daily close procedures.

The upgrade worked without any serious problems. There were a few unexpected hiccups, but they were manageable. The last time an upgrade was done here, it was a disaster. So many things didn't work, they had to close the store for a while until it could be straightened out. It was that experience that led to a test lab being established, where new software and configurations could be tested before being installed in a live store. Validating the lab setup and helping to test the update is one of the reasons I'm here. It paid off with a fairly painless upgrade last night. The restaurant opened on time this morning, and is conducting business normally.

So now it's a countdown to my Saturday departure. We'll be providing onsite support today and tomorrow, and then I'm done. It will be nice to be headed home.

Kirchheim McDonalds

Open for business

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