Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mac Race Update

In yesterday's "How're They Doin'?" post, I mixed up the "same as" boats with the "slower than" boats. Drumbeat and Sociable are the boats that have a rating similar to Cyclone. Foray and Celerity are the slowest boats in Danny's section. So I estimated Cyclone's relative race position wrong.

Today's Status as of 12:30pm
I have 2 pictures. Click on them for a clearer view. The first one shows Cyclone's position relative to the 6 boats I measured against yesterday. Today, Windrunner & Madcap appear to be ahead of Cyclone. They are faster boats, so this is expected. The same rated boats Drumbeat and Sociable also appear to be ahead of Cyclone (though Drumbeat only slightly). Even the slower rated Celerity appears to be ahead. Only the slower rated Foray seems behind. But the race is far from over.

This second picture compares Cyclone with some of their rival boats. I think these are boats they race regularly, and would like to beat in the Mac. They seem to be about even with Most Wanted, but behind Vayu and Dos Aguilas. I haven't checked the ORR ratings to see if this is their expected positions.

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