Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Yesterday was the first full day of the convention. Setup days Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were long and hot since there is no A/C in the convention hall during setup. Sunday the air conditioning came on and was a day for final adjustments and training. We were done by 1:00 pm so I had the afternoon off. Almost every evening has included a dinner outing of some kind, followed by camaraderie in the lobby bar. Last night there was yet another team outing for dinner, but afterward I opted to return to my room and go to bed early for a change.

Our booth at the convention is always a popular one and there was no exception this year. My department is the Innovation Center and our booth is called "Futures" so there is always lots of interest in what we have to show. Several times yesterday there was actually a line of people at the booth entrance waiting to get in. I expect we will be equally busy today.

Setup photos:

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