Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No April Fools

Once again I am reviving this blog. It was nearly a year ago that I started posting after a 2½ year hiatus. This time it's only been about 5½ months. I actually like writing here. Not so much for the audience however small that may be but more because it creates a log of things I've done or been interested in. I occasionally find myself coming back here to look for something that I remember blogging about but can't recall the details. Sometimes I like to re-read some of my old trip reports to reminisce and re-live them. And so that's one of the reasons I'm back here writing again. I have some new travel coming up (surprised?) and I'm hoping to record some of it here. If you're a past reader and you're still watching for posts here, I admire and thank you for your perseverance. I hope you continue to find it worth coming back to.

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