Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NTL3 - Airplane View

It's probably apparent where we are now, but which landmark?

click image for a larger view


J.D. said...

what happens here doesn't "always" stay here. (except your money) I believe you can enjoy a baguette in the shadow of this tower

Danny said...

Clearly my initial guess as to the specific landmark from yesterday was incorrect as it is no longer in the photo. I also find that my mind is still spinning on this one.

The landmark I find to be the most distinguishable in the photo at this altitude is probably a bit too obvious. Besides, the jeweled hat version in Millennium Park is more fun.

When I realized that is was included in the photo, I was tempted to go with a location that was seen in an earlier instance of this game, but that too seemed too obvious.

I was about to guess the landmark that gets its name from the Roman god of fire, but when I checked, there really isn't a very good street level view of that landmark (I'm surprised by how poor the street level views are of most of the landmarks in this area).

In the end I'm going to have to agree with the guess made by J.D.