Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Name That Landmark

It's amazing what views of the world are visible to us through satellite imaging technology available on Google maps and other such sites. You can start at a satellite view, and zoom down to an airplane view, then zoom even closer to a bird's eye view, and finally all the way down to a street level view, without ever leaving your computer chair.
So with that capability at our fingertips, I decided to take you on a tour of some well known landmarks I've visited. See if you can guess where we're going as we descend closer and closer from high above.

Here's your first satellite view. Obviously too high to choose the landmark yet, but see if you can identify the country or even city. Tomorrow we'll take a look from an airplane level, and bird's eye level on Thursday. If you haven't guessed it by then, the answer will be up with the street view on Friday. Have fun.


Jan said...

I think I know where you are. I cannot think of what I could say that would not give it away so I'll send you my thoughts in an email.

Danny said...

Ok, I've figured out the city, but there are far too many landmarks in that city for me to guess just one. I'll have o wait for a closer view to guess the landmark.