Monday, January 26, 2009

Measure Up Monday++

I didn't lose much this week, but it's better than gaining. Since the measurements of my girth don't change much weekly, I decided to only update those monthly.

DateWeightGain/LossUpper WaistLower Waist

In other news...
I played in a fund-raiser poker tournament last Friday. This was a repeat of the Chargers Little League fund-raiser I played in last year. It was a smaller event this time with about 40 players, and was held at an area bar/lounge that has a party room in the basement. The $75 buy-in included a contribution to the baseball team, food, beer and soft drinks, and the prize pool. The food was supposed to be served at 6:30 and the game started at 7:00, but by 7:30 there was no food yet and the tournament had not been started. Around 8:00 they started the tournament and announced there would be a break for food at 9:00.

The tournament was run surprisingly well considering its shaky start. An electronic device hung where everyone could see displayed the current blinds level and the remaining time until the next level. The tournament emcee did a pretty good job of balancing and consolidating tables.

The food arrived in time for the 9:00 break, and consisted of salad, italian sausage, roast beef in gravy, corn, and fried chicken. It was pretty good, but the fact that our appetites waited an extra 2½ hours may have enhanced the flavor. :)

The tournament started with 5 tables of 8, and I lasted until the final 2 tables when I was knocked out by a bad beat. I had raised preflop with a suited AJ, and had one caller. I caught an ace on the flop and pushed all-in. The villian pondered my bet for a long time, and ended up calling me with nothing but an inside straight draw. Of course he caught his card on the river, and I was out.

Congratulations to Danny for making it to the final table, and to Jeff for finishing in the money at 3rd.

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