Monday, January 12, 2009

Las Vegas Continued

The Consumer Electronics Show was interesting. This was my first ever visit to CES and I was impressed by the size and by the crowds of attendees, even though I've heard that the show is slightly smaller than previous years. I spent Thursday and Friday walking around the exhibit floors with people from work, and returned on Saturday with Janet. There is a lot of interesting technology on display, but I didn't see anything that looks like it is destined to be the 'Next Big Thing'. High Definition video displays are getting larger and thinner, and there were a few manufacturers showing 3D displays, but I don't think those will be catching on soon except maybe with gamers.

We saw Bette Midler's show at Caesar's on Saturday night. I've never been one of her fans, but her Las Vegas show was very impressive and entertaining.

The Mirage has refurbished its Volcano show and we watched that Saturday night as well. They've added music and choreographed fire displays along with a rebuilt volcano cone and improved eruption effects. It's a spectacular 5 minute show.

After four nights at Caesar's Palace, we have now moved over to Steve Wynn's new property, Encore. My first impression of Encore when I entered was RED. Everywhere you look, red is the dominant color. To me it almost seems like too much. The hotel is brand new so everything is very nice. They also seem very intent on making you feel like a welcome and recognized guest. Every person I've encountered has been very friendly and called me by name if they knew it. The rooms are as nice as the rooms at Wynn, but laid out differently. Our only complaint is that the swiveling flat panel display is mounted such that it blocks your view of the window from the bed.

Today we took a drive up to Mt. Charleston and had lunch at the Mt. Charleston hotel. Janet and Gini like to make the drive up there every time we visit, but I usually decline going along so it's been some time since I've been up there. It's a nice break away from the 'Vegas scene' for a few hours.

I played some poker with Colleen while she was here. We both played in a cash NL Holdem game where she won a little, and I didn't. Then we entered a 40 person tournament where neither of us made the final table. I played in a sit-n-go at the Mirage that pays the top 2 finishers, but I finished in 3rd. :( I've also been playing some blackjack and having better luck at it than usual, so I'm a little bit up overall for the trip. I still have a couple of days here though, so we'll see how it all comes out.

I had been posting a weblink here on Monday for the last few weeks, but I'm planning to get back to Measure Up Monday after this trip is over, so I think I'll move the weblink post over a couple of days since Weblink Wednesday sounds better anyway.

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