Friday, October 4, 2013

Road Trip Day 3

Thursday we drove 328 miles down I-25 to Santa Fe New Mexico. If you've been following the GPS tracker you'll notice we forgot to turn it on for the first 160 miles. We took our time about checking out of the hotel since we knew the day's drive would be relatively short. The land mostly flattens out as you leave Colorado Springs although there are a few smaller ranges (compared to the Rockies) of mountains you pass by or over. Of particular note was crossing the Raton Pass. The view as you cross into New Mexico is impressive from the top. We arrived in Santa Fe early and found a nearby restaurant featuring New Mexico cuisine which seems to be essentially Tex-Mex although the inclusion of sopapillas with every dish seems to be a local feature.
Gas price survey:
    Las Vegas NM,  $3.59

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