Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Road Trip Day 1

This was intended to be just a driving day with the objective being to make it to Lincoln Nebraska in time for dinner. We got out of town at 10:30 which is later than I'd have liked but still early enough to make our goal. Around midday we stopped for gas and lunch at the "Iowa 80 World's Largest Truckstop". If like me you've never stopped here on a trip west on I-80, it's worth seeing if for nothing else but the entire semi truck & trailer inside the store.

A ways farther west we came upon signs advertising the Amana Colonies which my mom remembered visiting many years ago. We decided to take the detour and stop for a visit. We didn't tour all of the Amana villages but we stopped at the visitor center and walked to a couple of shops including a bakery and chocolate shop.

With our couple of extra stops it was apparent that we weren't going to make Lincoln in time for dinner so we stopped at a Village Inn restaurant near Council Bluffs. I've never been to a Village Inn before. It's comparable to a Perkins/Denny's/Bakers Square, and the food was pretty good even if the service wasn't. Finally after 560 miles and 11.5 hours (including 3 stops) we made it to the hotel.

Gas price survey:
   Iowa 80 Truckstop, $3.19
   Council Bluffs IA, $3.19


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Interstate 80, Iowa

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