Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sydney 2013 Day 4

Tuesday was our last day to spend in Sydney. We begin the long trip home on Wednesday. We drove to Manly and parked the car while we walked up the length of the beach and back. There were some surfers on the waves at Manly beach. From Manly we drove to the Sydney Harbor National Park on the North Head. We parked the car at the end of the road and then walked on the trail that follows the edge of the cliffs. We looked for whales but didn't see any.

Next we headed to Doyle's restaurant in Watson's bay for dinner, but discovered that Doyle's doesn't open for dinner until 5:30pm and we were there at 4 pm, so instead we drove back to downtown Sydney where we had dinner at Peter Doyle's (same family) on the Quay.  After dinner we returned to the hotel for nightcaps in the Horizon club.

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Mary said...

Happy to hear you are keeping up with walking.