Monday, September 9, 2013

Sydney 2013 Day 2

Yesterday we had breakfast at the Horizon club then returned to the room to make plans for the day. We decided to see if we could attend a performance at the Opera House. We were able to get tickets to a production of South Pacific. We drove the car to the Opera House following directions given by the concierge, but missed a critical turn and ended up on the Harbor Bridge heading across the harbor. We exited as soon as possible on the other side, and were able to get ourselves turned around and headed back but by the time we finally got to the Opera House and parked the car we were late for the start of the performance. They seated us shortly after we arrived, but our seats were in the middle of a row and we had to squeeze our way to them in front of all the already seated people. The show was quite good though.

Following the show we had dinner and drinks at a restaurant near the Opera House. The weather was beautiful our first day here. Today was cooler and it rained a bit while we were in the theater. The ground was wet but the sky had cleared by the time we came out. Still, it was a little too cool for al fresco dining and we decided to eat inside.

 We returned to the hotel in time for evening drinks and desserts in the Horizon Club.

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