Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog Tracker

As a blogger, one of the questions you might ask yourself is "Does anybody actually read this?" One way to find out is to install a web counter on your blog. There are lots of these available, and since August 2008 I have been using a free blog tracker from Icerocket. Besides just counting visits, Icerocket gives you some cool ways to analyze your data.

As you can see, I usually get between 30 and 40 visits a day, with occasional spikes when I actually post something. :) But I'm pretty sure there are only a dozen or so people that I know actually look at my blog, so where are all those other views coming from? My blog tracker tells me that too. This chart shows that I am getting hits from all over the world, and that they mainly are the result of google searches.

UnicornIt also shows that they are all looking at my Mythology Zoo post, or the April 2008 archive which contains the Mythology Zoo post. In fact, the Mythology Zoo is my single most viewed page since I started my blog. So here's a tip if you want to increase your blog's page views. Include a picture of a mythological creature in every post.

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Cuckoo said...

That's funny. Most of the hits on my blog come from the web search "meet enrique iglesias." Apparently it has something to do with this post