Sunday, June 7, 2009


This was a weekend of celebrations. Saturday there was a birthday celebration at my house with 2 cakes decorated by Shannon and Katelyn, and peanut butter cookies made by me (with help). I don't hold any prizes for peanut butter cookies, but they were a special request. We also enjoyed BBQ chicken and plenty of fixin's. And some of our favorite libations were also provided.

Then today we celebrated my nephew Troy's high school graduation with a party at my sister Julie's house. Julie also provided plenty of good food and drink, and Troy provided some fine musical entertainment with his most excellent guitar stylings. Enjoy your trip to Bonnaroo Troy, and stay safe.

And we can't forget to mention Friday's end of year award celebrations. Katelyn and Elliot received awards for outstanding academic achievement including the BUG (bring up grades) award. Christian, Kyle, and Shannon each received High Honors awards for 4 quarters with all A's. And Shannon received the Presidents Education Award including a signed letter from President Obama. Congratulations to all of you for an outstanding school year.

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