Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weblink Wednesday

Today's cool weblink is to the online video on demand service called "Hulu". Hulu provides free on demand viewing of TV shows, movies, and clips, with content from FOX, NBC, Universal, MGM, Sony, Warner Bros., and more. Some content is even in HD*. Hulu doesn't require any special software downloads. Just go to and click on a video to watch. You can even embed all or part of a video on your blog:

Missed an episode of "ER"? Hulu has it. Want to see the entire season of "Firefly" but don't know how to download torrents? Watch it on Hulu. Save a trip to the video store and watch "Muppets From Space" right on your computer. If they don't have the show you're looking for, keep checking back. New content is being added all the time.

Click here: to explore Hulu.

*Higher system requirements for HD.

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