Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weblink Wednesday

Today's weblink is to Definr, the "Incredibly fast dictionary". There are certainly plenty of online dictionaries available, and some probably have a larger word database, but I doubt if any can compete with Definr for its fast lookup speed. You simply begin typing the word and Definr presents you with suggestions that match what you have typed so far. Click on one of the suggested words to get to the definition.

Click here to try Definr.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

I've been using a free desktop dictionary for over 5 years, so I've never been able to transition to using the web. That site is fast, but it requires:
* a new browser window or tab
* typing in the address or clicking a bookmark
* typing in the word.

It is just not as fast for me as Ctrl-Alt-W is. I highly recommend Word Web: (

p.s. I used it just now to verify I was spelling recommend correctly. I can highlight a word, ctrl-alt-w, and hit escape with hardly breaking my train of thought.