Friday, August 2, 2013

Hey, I'm Walking Here

I've taken to regularly going for a walk either at work during lunch or at home after work. My objectives are to improve my overall health, get in shape for a lot of walking I expect to do during my upcoming travel, and promote continued weight loss in conjunction with the Isagenix program. I think I'm succeeding on all three counts. I started the end of June with just walking a mile, and gradually added more distance as my endurance improved. I'm up to 4 miles now at about a 14½ minute pace.

I installed an app on my phone called MapMyRun. It nicely tracks my time and distance, and draws the route on a map. It handles all the record keeping for me and uploads it to a website where I can check my stats. I really like it. Just today it sent me an email telling me I walked 53 miles in July and burned over 7000 calories.

Walking isn't completely risk free. Once your distance gets beyond a mile or two, you either have to zig-zag all over the neighborhood or cross a busy street or two, risking an incident similar to the one that inspired Ratso Rizzo's famous quote.

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