Monday, June 17, 2013

50 Big Macs

That's how many I haven't eaten since April of this year. I actually haven't eaten any, but given my previous lunch habits I might have consumed that many, substituted by an occasional Quarter Pounder or maybe a Crispy Chicken Classic. Instead I have resolutely followed the Isagenix program with few exceptions, and seen resulting measurable reductions in my weight and waist.
I've made other changes to my daily diet as well, but eliminating the calorie packed lunches probably had the most impact. So much impact in fact that I've achieved another milestone along my path to a healthier weight. I now tip the scales at under 200 pounds for the first time since probably the 1990's. This actually happened last week, but I again waited for the achievement to survive the weekend intact before claiming it.


Danny said...

A Big Mac is about 550 Calories. There are about 3500 Calories in a pound of body fat. So if you've eaten 50 less Big Macs (50 * 550 = 27,500 / 3,500 = 7.86) then the reduction in Big Macs accounts for about 7.86 pounds of the weight you've lost.

If you've replaced the Big Macs with some other lunch (perhaps something around 240 Calories), then the change in lunch Caloric intake accounts for about 4.4 pounds lost.

D.N.H. said...

Of course, the Big Macs were normally accompanied by fries & shakes and the more than occasional mid afternoon sundae which have also all been eliminated. Interesting though to learn that an occasional Big Mac with a bottled water wouldn't seriously deter my progress.

Danny said...

I've said before, an occasional "anything" almost never seriously deters progress directly. It's the effect that the occasional exceptions has on the habits we're attempting to form that becomes a problem.

Without vigilance, an occasional restaurant meal, becomes an occasional restaurant meal and an occasional BigMac. Then that becomes an occasional restaurant meal, an occasional BigMac, and an occasional piece of pizza. Next thing you know it's an occasional restaurant meal, an occasional BigMac an occasional piece of pizza, and an occasional pancake or two. Before long, it's the new healthy eating plan that is occasional, because there are so many exceptions that they aren't really occasional any longer. A few months go by and suddenly we wonder why we aren't seeing the weight loss progress we used to (or worse, why we've gained so much of it back). Then we either give up, or start all over again.

Sure, we all make occasional exceptions. If we've got a goal in mind though, it's often easier to make a commitment to ourselves to avoid the occasional exceptions until the goal is reached than to try to keep the exceptions from getting out of control.