Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carmen Sandiego on Easter Island

I haven't yet been to Easter island, but it is one of the places I'd like to see. A small island in the South Pacific, it is best known for the large stone statues called Moai that surround its shore. Easter Island is directly in the path of the July 11, 2010 total solar eclipse, and for a mere $10,000 or so (airfare not included) you can join an eclipse tour.

Moai on Easter Island (from Flickr)

I thought this one would be harder to guess since the hint was indirect and the picture could have been anything from a Hawaiian tiki to a Japanese buddha, each of which might have been posted from my pictures folder. But Janet solved the puzzle in record time.

The agents from Acme Detective Agency were fast, but Carmen Sandiego is faster. She'll have to miss the eclipse, but she's made another getaway. Try to find out where next week.

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