Thursday, August 20, 2009

Carmen Sandiego Cornered in the Belltower at Chartres

Notre Dame Chartres

Perched on a hill high above the surrounding town, the Cathedral at Chartres, France appears to be floating over the fields of grain when viewed from a distance.
Along with the clue about flying buttresses, the first clue picture might have been mistaken for the spire over the crossing at Notre Dame de Paris, but the second clue picture clearly revealed the contrasting spires above the western facade of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Chartres. Paris' Notre Dame does not in fact, have any spires above the western facade towers. Both cathedrals are considered examples of the finest Gothic architecture in France.
Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame ChartresNotre Dame Paris
flickr © Peter Rivera

Having climbed to the top just 2 years ago, Janet recognized the tower and guessed it right.

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