Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bom Dia

Today was a full day of meetings. I think they went well. We ended the day at a Churrascaria restaurant called the Montana Grill. This is one of those Brazilian all you can eat steak houses. You start at a self serve salad bar, and then they start bringing you meat on skewers non stop. We all ate until we were stuffed. The meal was accompanied by some delicious Caipirinhas. These tasty drinks go down easy and each one makes you want another. I know I had more than one, and less than four, but my counting got a little foggy. :) After the dinner we enjoyed a delicious papaya cream desert, and finished the night with a shot of Cointreau. Fortunately we had a driver to bring us back to the hotel. Some pictures:

Complimentary breakfast buffet

Dinner group

Meat on a stick

Caipirinha number ??

Sao Paulo night view

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