Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boa Noite

Nothing much to report tonight. So I'll just put up a couple more pictures.

We are on an executive floor of the hotel. It has a club lounge where they serve snacks and cocktails every evening, and a continental breakfast every morning. There is free Wi-Fi in there and you can also get DVDs to play in your room. This is a view from the club lounge window.

Here is the building that houses the VSI offices. They have to scan their fingerprint every time they enter or leave the building.

Across the street from the office is a restaurant. This is a self serve buffet type restaurant. You fill your plate with your choices from the buffet which includes salad items, hot vegetables and meats, and desserts. Then they weigh your plate at the end of the line kind of like a salad bar, and you pay per ounce or kilogram or whatever.

I tried a new soft drink that is very popular in Brazil. It's called Guarana Antarctica and it tastes something like cream soda. Apparently it is very high in caffeine. I didn't notice any effects from drinking it, but I already had plenty of strong Brazilian coffee by then.

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