Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Holly Hobby

As you may know I've made a hobby, if not obsession of following the musical endeavors of the young YouTube artist named Holly Kirby. Her music is heard around the house often enough that even our 3 yr old grandaughter knows some of the words and sings along.

I wrote about her last July when she posted her 50th video. At that time I recommended subscribing to her YouTube channel. She's continued to post new videos and I think she's getting better all the time. Over 1100 subscribers agree with me. Her videos are both pleasant to listen to and interesting to watch. Another eight have been added since July, some whimsical and some weighty.

A new one appeared this week that she categorized as 'simple', but I think she's under rated herself. While the video may have a simple look to it, it is cleverly put together. The song is a new original penned by Holly herself, and is performed in an entertaining way. The harmonies are sweet and the music is upbeat. I think this one has genuine pop appeal and could be a hit for her someday.

A Fool I Know
by Holly Kirby

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