Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcome to Florida

I'm here in Orlando, Florida at the site of the 2008 Worldwide Convention. The flight down was really bumpy for the first hour. The flight attendants tried to get up and serve beverages, but they couldn't and had to sit back down. I heard from someone else that was on the same flight that the air sickness bags even got some use today. Fortunately nowhere near me. The rest of the flight was comfortable, except for the man in the middle seat next to me, that kept falling asleep until his head drifted over and bumped my shoulder, which would wake him up, and he'd sit up straight until he fell asleep and did the same thing again 10 minutes later.

I'm staying at the Rosen Centre hotel. My room is on the south side, overlooking the pool. It's very nice and is only a short walk from the convention center. Tomorrow I'll be heading over there to work on setting up the booth.

Here's a couple of pictures and a link to the Google map view of where I am.

Rosen Center on Google

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