Monday, April 14, 2008

Convention Starts

Today is the first day of the convention. It took a lot of preparation over the last couple of days, but we're ready. Saturday night we celebrated with a department dinner at Fultons Crab House in Downtown Disney.
Sunday, we hosted a lot of VIP tours in our booth. Our booth is pretty cool. When you arrive, you enter a theater where you are shown a 6 minute 3D movie that uses computer graphics, and live 3D film from the Romeoville restaurant.The final scene shows a 3D rendered vision of the restaurant mockup we have in our booth, and then the curtain opens, and you walk right into it.
The rest of the booth has individual stations where you can talk to people about the benefits of the "D-10" platform, which is what we call the system we are presenting.

There's no scale in my room, and I've been avoiding the health club facilities :), so I don't have any statistics to report this week.

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