Thursday, August 25, 2016

Giant Steps

Today we were startled awake around 6:15 by the fire alarm. I poked my head into the hallway and saw several others doing the same. Janet called the front desk and was told it was a false alarm. Today there was a notice on the front desk apologizing for the incident. We all managed to get back to sleep and slept in later than any day so far.

We had time for breakfast and then started for the Giant's Causeway at the northern tip of Ireland. Our GPS unit frequently loses signal and then reboots, usually just as we are approaching a critical turn decision, so we've abandoned it in favor of Janet's navigating skills and we're doing just fine that way.

The Giants Causeway is a geological curiosity consisting of 40,000 interlocking basalt columns formed by volcanic and geological activity. But mostly it is a fun place for kids to climb all over the rocks and hop from stone to stone like hopscotch. Ethan did his share of climbing and exploring in search of the perfect photograph. He's pretty sure he got it. It's a long walk from the visitor center to the stones but it is mostly downhill. The walk back was equally long but uphill. When we got back we did a little souvenir shopping and had a late lunch in the visitor center snack bar.

After leaving we drove to the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge but found it temporarily closed due to crowds when we arrived. So we drove to a nearby overlook where we could park and take pictures, We returned after a while but due to the lateness of the day and anticipated length of the experience decided to save the rope bridge for another trip to Ireland.

We made it back to the hotel in time to still have dinner at the hotel restaurant. We had a sunny warm day again today. I hope this keeps up. Tomorrow we plan to visit the Titanic Exhibition. 

Musings On Travel Abroad

Some things about international travel that I've learned or remembered during the past 5 days in Ireland: 
  • Driving on the left was not hard to adjust to. I've already had some previous experience with it.
  • Shifting a 6 speed manual transmission with my left hand presented a whole new learning curve.
  • Black and white pudding is not what it sounds like.
  • Washcloths have 4 fingers and a thumb.
  • Your first floor room is on the second floor.
  • 30 is hot, 20 is nice, 10 is cool, 0 is ice.
  • Roundabouts are cool.

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