Thursday, June 11, 2015

See Cruise

Thursday we went to the Tokyo SkyTree. We picked a good day. The crowds were thin. You could tell from the line control stanchions that they normally have big crowds but we got through the line in about ten minutes. The SkyTree experience starts with a high speed elevator to the 350m observation deck. After enjoying that view there is an optional elevator to the 450m level. On that level you walk through an enclosed sloping tube that wraps around the outside of the tower leading to the highest observation platform. We went for the full experience and admired spectacular views.

Observation deck
Sloping tube to higher level
After the SkyTree we took a short train ride to Asakusa and boarded a sightseeing cruise. This hour and a half round trip on the Sumida River passes under many bridges, each a different style or design. Several points of interest were observed including Tokyo tower and the Asahi beer building.
Asahi building
Bridge over the Sumida
We concluded our touring of Tokyo after the river cruise and returned to the hotel for dinner and repacking for our trip home Friday. We all look forward to being home again.

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