Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A month ago I decided to once again take action against my ever increasing body weight. Having personally witnessed the successful results some have achieved on the Isagenix system, I elected to give the 30 day plan a try. That consisted of replacing 2 meals a day with an Isagenix meal replacement product combined with 2 days a week of 'cleansing' on which only the Isagenix cleanse product and snacks are consumed. While on the plan adequate water intake is encouraged, and daily doses of Isagenix's Ionix, Accelerator, and Flush products round out the plan. The products are expensive, but probably comparable to other weight loss meal programs like Jenny Craig or Seattle Sutton.

I didn't much care for the taste of the meal replacement drink at first, but grew accustomed to it after a while. The meal replacement bars aren't bad, but the Ionix and Cleanse For Life products can only be described as tolerable. I don't think I've felt as hungry on this program as I have when I've tried restricting calories on my own, but I do still miss late evening snacks.

My results are encouraging. The last time I made a serious weight loss effort, I managed to lose 9 pounds the first month, and 8 pounds the second. After 30 days on the Isagenix program I have released over 18 pounds. I like the term released. I saw it used in another Isagenix success story. Usually if you talk about losing something you are referring to something valuable or useful. "I lost my keys", or "I lost my wallet". You hope to find it and get it back. That's certainly not the case with lost pounds. When you release something you are hoping it will not come back. You release a prisoner or you release a captured animal. It sounds more permanent to release extra pounds.

When I began the Isagenix program I didn't know if I would like it but I said "I can do anything for a month". I don't expect I will stay with the program long term. Eventually I hope to switch over to a more conventional weight management program. But based on my results so far I have decided to give it another month. Look for an update sometime in June.

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