Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pilates of the Caribbean

I recently returned from a Caribbean cruise. It was a great vacation with plenty of sun and balmy tropical temperatures. Though I no longer blog about it, I have been watching my weight lately, and just prior to departing on the cruise I reached a new milestone. I was resolute not to gain the 5 to 14 pounds acquired by typical cruisers, and intended to make use of the on ship walking/jogging track and possibly even the fitness center. The first cruise day I did a 1.6 mile power walk around the ship deck. Unfortunately that represents my total exercise effort for the entire trip. I succumbed to the Sirens' call of boat drinks and 24/7 available dining and came home with an 11 pound weight gain.

The cruise was one of the best I've been on. It had a great cruise director, and the dining room service team was very accommodating. It stopped at two ports of call that I have not seen before: Grand Cayman and Cozumel. In Grand Cayman I toured the port town of Georgetown on foot and walked to 7 mile beach. At Cozumel I took lunch and drinks at SeƱor Frogs and participated in a snorkeling excursion that was followed by free beer and margaritas.

But the best part was my luck in the ship casino. I started out losing the first night, but during the first day at sea I won the blackjack tournament and then won some more at the poker table that night. Over the rest of the cruise my winnings outpaced my losses and I came home ahead for the first time ever after a cruise.

Here are a few pictures.


Ship Pool

Boat Drinks

Caribbean Band

Seven Mile Beach


Lisa said...

I managed to only gain three, we will see how we do on the next one. Aaahhhhh! Boat Drinks & Senior Frogs!!!!!

JD said...

Awesome, Dad! Thanks for sharing.