Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"He's Dead Jim"

No, I'm not dead yet. Like many others, I've allowed my blog to go dormant for a while. Even though I haven't posted anything new since April 3rd, I was surprised to find out that there are still some readers checking it from time to time. And according to, I'm still getting somewhere around 150 hits per week. So I'm hoping to bring it back to life with some more frequent posting.

Apparently there is a tradition of doing a "101 things about me" post on your 1st blog anniversary. My Blog anniversary was February 6th, and I did not do a 101 post. So to kick off my blog's return I am posting my 101 things list. It's more a "101 lines" about me, rather than 101 things. I didn't try to group it in categories but just added things as I thought of them.

0. I'm a C programmer. Lists begin with zero.
1. I was born at 5:59AM June 10th, 1951.
2. I am the oldest of 4.
3. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters.
4. I lived on Chicago's south side until age 10.
5. From kindergarten to 8th grade, I attended 5 different schools.
6. I WALKED to all but one. :)
7. In 1961 my parents bought a 'starter' house in Oak Lawn.
8. My mother STILL lives there.
9. In 1976 I bought a 'starter' house in Oak Lawn.
10. I still live there.
11. As a child, I wanted to be a scientist when I grew up.
12. Today I work at an innovation research and development lab!
13. As a computer programmer.
14. For a clown. :)
15. I married my high school sweetheart in 1970.
16. Together we parented 5 children.
17. All 5 have since married and moved out.
18. I am a grandfather 10 times.
19. Soon to be 11.
20. I fell in love with the Toyota MR2 in 1985 when they first appeared in the U.S.
21. I finally bought one 19 years later.
22. I have a lot of patience.
23. I've always had an interest in music.
24. My musical tastes are eclectic.
25. When I was in 5th grade our music teacher told us we could bring our favorite record to school.
26. Most kids brought early 60's pop music.
27. I brought the William Tell Overture.
28. When I was in 7th grade my parents offered me guitar lessons.
29. I quit after 9 months.
30. But I kept learning guitar on my own.
31. By 8th grade I had formed my first garage band with my brother and cousins.
32. I've played guitar in musical groups of one kind or another ever since.
33. In 7th grade I joined the school chorus.
34. I sang Alto.
35. I've been singing in choral groups of one kind or another ever since.
36. But somewhere around 10th grade I finally graduated to Bass.
38. Pretty much since I left high school, I've struggled with my weight.
39. It's a continuous battle of gaining weight and trying to lose it.
40. The gaining is winning.
41. I've gone through several job/career changes.
42. My first job after high school was Telephone Company Lineman.
43. That meant climbing telephone poles.
44. I'm afraid of heights.
45. Fortunately most suburban telephone lines are buried.
46. That meant digging ditches, but it was better than climbing poles.
47. I followed the phone company with 6 years as a full time National Guard employee.
48. 2 as an air defense radar technician.
49. And 4 as a supply 'technician'.
50. I left the National Guard to become a diesel engine mechanic.
51. I did that for nearly 8 years.
52. In the interim I went back to school to get a college degree.
53. I started as a math major at a community college.
54. I transferred to IIT for engineering.
55. A physics teacher showed me how to solve problems using FORTRAN.
56. I returned to the community college to study computer science.
57. I taught myself to write computer games on a home computer.
58. In 1984 I got hired as a computer programmer.
59. My college degree gave me the necessary credibility.
60. But my self taught ability to write and sell computer games gave the necessary experience.
61. I've been working in the computer/IT field ever since.
62. I love to travel.
63. I've slept under the stars in Canada.
64. I've stood inside the Taj Mahal.
65. I've been to the top of the Bavarian Alps in Germany.
66. I've driven over the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia.
67. I've sunned on the beach in St. Tropez.
68. I've played blackjack in the casino at Monte Carlo.
69. I've climbed to the top of the bell tower at Chartres,
70. And the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
71. I've taken a ride on the London Eye.
72. I've seen the Royal Baths in Warsaw.
73. I've toured the temples in Kyoto, and fed the bowing deer in Nara.
74. I've slept in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora.
75. And experienced the peaceful quiet of Tikehau.
76. I've sipped wine in Austria.
77. I've consumed Caipirinhas in Brazil.
78. I've overindulged in Rum in the Caribbean.
79. I've had a few beers on a beach in Mexico.
80. I've downed a few Mai Tais in Maui.
81. I like to take a drink now and then. :)
82. I've seen a good bit of the U.S., but I'd have to start another 101 list.
83. But I have to mention Las Vegas, which I've seen quite a few times.
84. I like to play Poker and Blackjack but I lose more than I win.
85. I enjoy eating in nice restaurants.
86. I like most foods, but I don't generally like seafood.
87. Except in Hawaii where I've had some really good seafood.
88. I like single malt scotch.
89. But when I'm feeling tropical, I love a boat drink.
90. My favorite candy is jelly beans.
91. Or candy corn in the fall.
92. I'm not particularly fond of chocolate, but I have been seen eating it.
93. I am a coffee aficionado, and have my own espresso machine.
94. According to family and friends, I make the world's best chocolate chip cookies.
95. I've never been very athletic, but I ran a half marathon when I was in my 30's.
96. I was nearly electrocuted once.
97. But I survived with only scars from electrical burns.
98. And a healthy respect for electricity.
99. My favorite television show was Dr. Who.
100. My favorite movie is Casablanca.

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Wow, I now feel as if I really "Know" you......