Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mental Detours


I saw recently that there are over 90 million blogs, including a few from some of my family members. [ Although having a blog, and actually posting on it seem to be entirely separate ideas. :) ] While I am usually an early adopter of technology, I seem to have fallen behind the mainstream in this respect. Therefore, as kind of a belated new year's resolution, I have decided to join the blogging ranks, and put my thoughts, etc. up for the world to see. 'World' may be a bit of an overstatement, since I'll be lucky if a dozen or so family members actually read it.

This blog will contain posts about random topics that happened to interest me at the time I post them. I have several ongoing interests. Alphabetically, they are: blackjack, casino gaming, computers, family, food, guitars, music, poker, singing, and travel. Most of my posts are likely to be on one of those topics, or a sub topic that I am currently obsessing about.

The blog name comes from the fact that I often find things that interest me while looking for something else. As a child, I would often look up something in an encyclopedia, and then find myself looking up another topic that the original article piqued my curiosity about, and continue on this zig zag path until I forgot what I was initially searching for. Today, with sites like Wikipedia, and just web surfing in general, it's even worse.

So this blog post is the result of a current passing interest in the blogging phenomenon. It remains to be seen if it will continue to live and grow, or fade and gather dust.

As a plug for the first and most successful blogger in the family, I'm posting a short video that features him and his blog:

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Anonymous said...

I really like your blog title, even more so after you explained it. I was surprised to find out that your curiosities zigzag when beginning with one topic. I didn't know that about you. The funny thing is - that happens to me too! Especially when I'm using the internet!!