Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Twenty six acts have submitted music tracks for round one of this years Live/Wired competition. The top four, as chosen by popular vote at the website, will move on to a live competition with the hope of ultimately winning a recording session and chance to play at the 2010 Isle of Wight Festival.

Prominent among the 26 contestants is Holly Kirby, the singer-songwriter who showcases her talent on her personal website and popular YouTube channel. Holly won the online vote last year but missed the live competition due to an untimely illness. She is poised to win again this year with her "Tea Leaves and Old Magazines" entry, but she has worthy competition, and can use everyone's vote.

This is not one of those "vote every day" contests. It's one vote per person, so every vote counts. Click on the link below to visit the LiveWired website and cast your vote.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Yodel Contest Finals

Tiffany Jo Allen was a late entry into Yahoo's yodeling contest, but quickly zoomed to the top with over a quarter million views. She finished in 3rd place overall and #1 in U.S. entries. Tiffany is a 15 year old singer and musician from Colorado with a popular YouTube channel, and a very nice website of her own.

Having made the top 3 U.S. finalists, Tiffany is now eligible to win Yahoo's platinum level and be the featured yodeler on Yahoo's home page. The winner will be chosen by the votes of Yahoo account holders, and votes are accepted daily until November 15th. If you don't already have a Yahoo account, it's free to sign up here.

You can vote for Tiffany at:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yodel Contest

Remember the vote for the V Model contest a while back? Well here's a contest that's a little different. This young lady is competing in the Yahoo Yodel Contest, and really wants to win. Every view of her yodeling video counts as a vote, so go have a listen and help her out.

Click here:

The contest ends in 3 days so don't wait!